We finished 2022 strong with one of your favorite series ever on ChaiFlicks — Israeli drama Unchained starring Aviv Alush (of The Beauty & The Baker fame, if anyone needed to be reminded).


Wartime Girls 3

Genre: Drama, Action | Country of Origin: Poland | Runtime: 12 Episodes, 30 minutes

Strong female leads taking on the Nazis? We'll take it (Wartime Girls 3)

A period drama set in (of all times, of course) WWII, Wartime Girls follows a band of women fighting off the Nazis in Poland's resistance movement. With each season portraying the progression of the war and Nazi Germany's occupation of their country, the three heroes are sure to bring the fight to the enemy in season 3.

Watch the first two seasons of Wartime Girls now streaming exclusively on ChaiFlicks.

The Great Eagle

Genre: Documentary | Country of Origin: Israel | Runtime: 3 Episodes, 45 minutes

Strong female leads taking on the Nazis? We'll take it (Wartime Girls 3)

A journey through the life, philosophy, and mystery surrounding Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon — or as he is known in English — Maimonides. Born in 12th century Cordoba, Spain, Maimonides is responsible for some of the text and interpretations of Jewish law that define the community's way of life to this day. And still, much of his life has remained a mystery. Until now.

Originally broadcasted on Israel's Kan11 public broadcasting channel, the series is the second title from prolific filmmaker Uri Rosenwacks to make it to ChaiFlicks. The first, Kingdoms, dissects and uncovers the many layers of Hassidic life in Israel and across the globe.

Watch Kingdoms now streaming exclusively on ChaiFlicks.


Significant Other 2

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Noir | Country of Origin: Israel | Runtime: 6 Episodes, 45 minutes

Israeli actors Assi Cohen and Dana Modan star in Significant Other 2

A sophisticated rom-com set in Tel Aviv, Significant Other follows two lonely neighbors in their late 40’s – a single woman (Dana Modan) and a newly divorced man (Assi Cohen) - who find themselves living next door to each other and hesitantly embark on an obstacle-filled relationship which reflects how precarious life can be.

While season 1 was full of missed chances and half-way-there encounters, season 2 will see our two former neighbors unite to take on life as a new, 40-something year old couple.

With Modan and Cohen — two of Israel's leading TV personalities — at the helm, the acclaimed series has garnered multiple awards and introduced audiences to an intimate, reluctant, and somewhat dark love story.

Catch up on season 1 of Signifcant Other now streaming exclusively on ChaiFlicks.


Labyrinth of Peace

Genre: Drama | Country of Origin: Switzerland | Runtime: 12 Episodes, 40 minutes

1945. War is over. Switzerland, the neutral small country at the heart of Europe, was all but spared: Klara, her fiancé Johann and his brother Egon are looking bright-eyed into the future. While Klara tries to mend the wounds of the war by caring for young, displaced holocaust survivors, Johann, who works for her industrialist father, hopes to save and modernize his father-in-law's well-established, yet troubled textile company.

The tense drama takes apart the multiple layers of life in the shadow of mankind's most terrible war.